ceritera lamp

Explores the impact of technology on the social and material ecologies

Ceritera Lamp

The Digital Bamboo International Design elective is an opportunity to wishlist contributing to ongoing research developments relationship linking design praxis with virtual, material, and social ecologies. The course is part of the UNSW contestable funds project. This initiative was conducted in association with REDObject Research group and students at Institut Teknologi Bandung.

Our project is a lighting product designed to enhance the interaction between parent and child while telling a bedtime story by projecting images from the story onto a wall.

International Collaboration Project

Role - Product Designer


This collaboration's challenge is to combine natural material with modern techniques while creating a product that consists of these keywords, 'secure,' 'lighting' and 'interactive.'

'Secure' after a lengthy discussion, our group started to think about a design that could bring people together, create a bond, and enhance the play experience. This relationship ensures a sense of security and safety.

brainstorming process


Our concept was to create a lighting design that can help tell a story to children. We found that the safety and security experiment associated with the bedtime story's idea was a cross-cultural experience. We decided to try and create a design to enhance that experience.

Concept Design



Creating paper model of the sketches allowed us to examine the physicality of our preliminary design.



With bamboo artisans' help, the bamboo form was constructed while working on additional design elements such as laser cutting, 3D printing parts, and rotating mechanism.

production process

Final Design

Our resolved product contains a user-replaceable cut-out paper strip that projects images onto the wall during a bedtime story, rotating from image to image via a handle. Users can replace or even create their paper strips to tell their own stories. Further enhancement could include a. solar cell and battery, and combinations of multiple lamps to tell a more complex story.

final design

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